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Investment options: Unit trusts

Posted: 28th June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

Of late, I have been obsessed with investment and saving, especially for retirement. Last week I extensively explored a few ways to ensure that you make the most of whatever life season you are in; invest for your retirement and possibly catch up on lost time. I very superficially talked about investment and how it […]

Transparency about extra fees

Posted: 27th June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

As a consumer, whenever we make a buying decision, we base it upon value in exchange for price. That is why the price for the product is displayed prior to the purchase. So if you get to the till, you do not expect the teller to tell you of extra charges that you have to […]

Investment Basics

Posted: 24th June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

The first question would probably be: do I send my money back to Zimbabwe in order make my investments there or do I just invest in the Diaspora? I very recently bumped into a very interesting article that talked about the Zimbabwean stock exchange and its benefits to the economy ( based on this I […]

Save by planning

Posted: 23rd June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

…Because we come from a poor economy, we think twice about every dollar we spend, every dollar we invest and every dollar we could lose. The last few days saw us exploring a couple of ways to ensure that we have enough to keep us going when we finally decide to retire. It is something […]

What if you start late?

Posted: 23rd June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

If you’re like the average Zimbabwean, you either haven’t saved consistently for retirement or you haven’t begun saving at all, you may wonder if it’s possible to catch up on the time you’ve lost.  The closer you are to retirement the more anxious you may be about growing your savings to reach that goal.  However […]

Finding your balance

Posted: 22nd June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

…the sweet sixties

Catching up

Posted: 22nd June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

…In your 50s Retirement is fast becoming a reality at this stage. What then should you do now to ensure that your quickly-approaching retirement is an event you look forward to with confidence rather than anticipate with fear?  You are probably in your peak earning years, with fewer expenses. You have probably paid off mortgages […]

Time to strategise

Posted: 21st June 2011 by admin in Remittance methods

…In your 40s At this stage in your life you probably have more responsibilities and yet, as retirement becomes closer your investing time horizon is shortening; saving and investing for retirement must therefore become a high financial priority if you want to be able to reach your retirement lifestyle goals.  Here’s how: Define your strategy. […]

So you are finally in your thirties, and although retirement still feels like a lifetime away, this decade is a critical phase for saving and investing. You still have plenty of time to save and invest and reap the benefits of compounding interest and long-term gains.  However, you’re also likely to begin making more long-term/significant […]

The last post talked about how retirement just might be the biggest financial goal ever. It is thus paramount for anyone to start planning way in advance for this their retirement. When in your twenties, you are starting out in the workforce you have a huge advantage working for your retirement planning: time is on […]