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Sending money to your loved ones in Zimbabwe should not be a task that requires careful planning of your off days,lunch or tea breaks.The time you take up queuing at the bank takes away time from other things you could essentially be doing. So why not  send money from the comfort and convenience of your […]

The World Cup

Posted: 10th June 2010 by admin in Remittance methods

With the World cup here and South Africa being the hosting nation will any African countries outside the host nation like Zimbabwe benefit? The benefits of a World Cup tournament accrue immensely to the host nation in terms of brand imaging,refurbishment of existing airports,roads and hospitality infrastructure.However neighbouring African countries like Zimbabwe leveraging with its […]

Meeting basic needs

Posted: 4th June 2010 by admin in Remittance methods

Money sent home by migrants constitutes the second largest financial inflow to many developing countries like Zimbabwe,playing an increasingly large role in their economies.This is  contributing to economic growth and to the livelihoods of many who are  unable to make a decent living and need to to be subsidised  by their families abroad.Many Remittance companies […]