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Yes!!! I said it!!! I went there!!! Hollywood has messed it up for the rest of us. Love and the idea of being wooed has been over romanticised. We have been robbed of the ability of understanding and appreciating the simpler things in life. Love and life does not quite happen in the same packaging […]

Technology has made it possible for many people to communicate without the hustle of travelling to see a friend or visit a relative. Lately we have witnessed the widespread use of social network like  Whatsapp, Facebook etc…. in our country. People always want to be connected at all time but unfortunately we have to buy […]

\We have a biased and politicised media, as well as a constrained civic society so much arrested by the goals and objectives of external funders. The near absence of the politics of issues has resulted in the prevalence of privatised violence, often carried out by individuals with blind loyalty to personalities in leadership, not to […]

For some reason most people take this lightly or rather they just ignore it, if may be they just don’t know how to set up their smart phones to its full functionality. I have just noticed that many people tend to buy smart phones just because it is one of the latest gadget. Lets be […]

Technology has brought forth a lot of opportunities for people living abroad in terms of communications through virtual communities.  Way back in time it use to take days for a recipient to finally put that smiley face after a strenuous period of waiting in vain for the more has become one of the centre […]

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Zimbabweans Living in South Africa

Posted: 15th April 2010 by admin in Remittance Research
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After discussing Zimbabweans living in South Africa the other day, I read a hopeful article about an organization in Cape Town helping Zimbabwean refugees. The Adonis Musati Project (AMP) was named after a young Zimbabwean boy who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town in 2007, while awaiting his asylum papers. The article goes […]

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