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Being Zimbabwean:

Posted: 11th March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

The first thing that comes in mind when you hear about the Republic of Zimbabwe is our beloved father of the Nation. Beside the efforts by the media to label him as the centre of the economic meltdown, poverty etc, we ignore all that because the blame game because history is a story of events, […]

Mukuru Mobile Coming Soon…..

Posted: 9th March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Sending some ching~$$$~ching to your loved ones in  Zimbabwe  has never been that easy especially when you  are a Mukuru client. Its a matter of moments before you put a smile on your loved one face, be it to buy some meat to braai on weekend, paying school fees etc. With the high calling tariffs […]

Let me foreshadow and say the next generation will view more explicit stuff on tell-a-vision(TV). I struggle to to glance at it for more than a second because each and every time i try i see a semi naked lady. Okay lets say music videos, isn’t there a better way of showing ladies rather than […]

Digital Marketing In Zimbabwe

Posted: 2nd March 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

As Technology is booming in Africa and many have access to smart phone, the question is- How are business people taking advantage of the advancement when making their products or services??? May be we should look at some aspects they need to know about digital marketing to help them grow their business: In simplistic terms, […]

Lovely Zimbabwe

Posted: 27th February 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Despite the fact that our economy went down the drain hole, Zimbabwe remain one of the beautiful countries in the world with lovely blessed people and very significant landscape when it comes to nature.  Zimbabwe is located in the southern part of Africa and it is a landlocked country with south Africa on the southern […]

Yes!!! I said it!!! I went there!!! Hollywood has messed it up for the rest of us. Love and the idea of being wooed has been over romanticised. We have been robbed of the ability of understanding and appreciating the simpler things in life. Love and life does not quite happen in the same packaging […]

Telecash All Over Zimbabwe

Posted: 20th February 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Few months ago telecash was introduced in the remittance platform and we really happy that it was introduced to our remote areas in zimbabwe, thats extending you technological hand beyond imagination. So we would to thank telecel zimbabwe and mukuru for collaboration in one spirit of bringing change to the remote areas of Zimbabwe. With […]

Dear My valentine

Posted: 14th February 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Roses are red, violet is purple, honey is sweet and you beautiful, You are breath taker, i love you like my next heartbeat, You are my sunshine rain, brightness of my life, You take my cloudy days away and bring darkness alight, Everytime i see you, you make my heart goes guubu guuub, beating fast […]

Valentines and all that L.O.V.E

Posted: 14th February 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

So my friends on social media have been buzzing much on that love theme… what will I do for him, what will he do for me the discussion around getting the perfect gift and perfect hangout has been dramatized to a whole new level.  Even the cinemas are catching on to the craze with the […]

Valentine’s day and Business

Posted: 13th February 2015 by admin in Remittance methods

Valentine is the time to celebrate romance and love, exchanging gifts and it originated way back from the 3rd century named after the Roman martyr st Valentine who healed a blind daughter of his jailer Austerius the night before his execution and wrote a gift card signed “ your Valentine” as a farewell who was […]